Looking For Scrap Gold That Matches Your Project

Scrap gold is fairly easy to find as all you have to do is look at coin stores and pawn shops, along with gold-buying companies. But getting that gold into the form you need may not be as easy. Much of the scrap gold available is already in jewelry and coin form. Typically, it's called scrap gold if it's unwanted and sold mainly on its metal value instead of any collectible value. It's easiest if you can buy the gold in forms that are already close to what you need.

Do You Just Need Thin Sheets?

If you plan to make thin sheets out of the gold, you may be better off finding gold leaf. You can get both real and imitation gold leaf in sheet form, which you can cut up, and flake form. Gold leaf is fragile. It can also be pricey if you have to buy more than you need, which can be the case with gold leaf sheets. However, the sheets are the best way to get a flat, thin layer of gold that you can use to cover an expanse on your craft project.

What Melting and Molding Services Can You Access?

If you have access to metal melting and molding facilities, whether this is in your own art studio or through a business, your supply of scrap gold is almost limitless. If you can melt and mold gold, you can buy scrap chains, old rings, and so on to create whatever you need for your craft. If you don't have access to these services, maybe take a look at metalsmithing services to see what they charge. Those services may also have their own supply of scrap gold, making the process of getting what you want much easier.

Can You Find Gold Flake Vials?

Some stores and shops that offer scrap gold have gold flake vials available, too. These small vials, as you'd expect, hold tiny gold flakes in varying amounts. Sometimes these are from amusement parks or mines with fee digs that offer tourist-level panning for gold. Other times these are from gold sellers themselves. The vials can be very affordable if you're getting a small amount, and the tiny-flake form lets you place gold in very detailed designs in your crafts.

Don't Forget Cooking Supply Stores

If you just need a tiny bit of gold and are fine using a flake form, look at cooking supply catalogs and in restaurant-supply stores. Edible gold leaf is real gold and comes in both sheets and flakes. This is one of the more affordable forms of gold if you just need a tiny amount.

If you're thinking about buying scrap gold, contact a supplier.

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