5 Ways To Use A Removable Vinyl Chalkboard

A removable vinyl chalkboard is exactly what it sounds like, a chalkboard made of vinyl that is intended to be removable. They need a smooth, clean, flat surface to adhere to, and you will, of course, require chalk and an eraser of some kind. Some are sold specifically to work in vinyl cutters, and some are intended to be used as-is, though most of those can be shaped with scissors or craft knives.

There are many creative uses you can put them to, but here are a few ideas.

Chore Charts

If you've been wanting to put up a chore chart for your household but aren't allowed to paint and don't want to put holes in the wall, these are the perfect solution. Some of these come in fairly large sizes, so you can make a nice, large, and easy-to-read chart. Being able to move them means that if you want to put art in that specific spot, you can simply and easily shift the chore chart elsewhere.

Grocery List

Many newer refrigerators have a smooth surface, perfect for vinyl, but you can also use a cabinet door or wall in your kitchen, and keep a running list of groceries that your household needs on it. If you really struggle with remembering that you need groceries, you might even want to put it right next to the door you leave by. Instead of transferring the whole list to another piece of paper, you can simply take a picture of it when it's time to go shopping.

Cabinet/Drawer Organization

Some people struggle with remembering what is in their cabinets and drawers. This is because, for them, out of sight really is out of mind. By being able to write what the cabinet contains on the outside, as well as being able to update the boards or move them around when the time comes, you'll be able to have a better idea of what is in all your cabinets and drawers at all times.

Schedule Tracking

Many households have complex schedules right now. Some kids are only attending school part-time and some parents are working partly from home. Having a visible schedule somewhere so everybody knows what everybody else is doing (or supposed to be doing) at a glance can really help you make better decisions about planning your week out. For example, if you're planning a work conference call, being able to look and see when your spouse or young kids are expected to be home can tell you which days would be better to do the call, or if it might be best to do that call outside of the house. 

Project Tracking

If you have a sewing room, a craft room, a hobby room, one of these clever chalkboards can help you keep track of which project you're tackling next and what projects you've finished. For more complex projects, you can list all of the steps of the project. Being able to move it around means you can shift it to a new wall if you decide to redecorate. It also means that if you've been working out of wherever you have space, once you finally get a dedicated craft space you can move your board into that space with ease.

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