Use Crafting Techniques To Create A Thanksgiving Centerpiece

If you are looking forward to fall and crafting holiday-themed decorations is a favored hobby, consider creating a hand-painted autumn centerpiece to enjoy during a homecooked Thanksgiving feast. While seated around your table during a family dinner this holiday, painted pumpkins, gourds, and leaves will provide you and your loved ones with an attractive focal point.

Choose Shapes And Additional Crafting Supplies

At a hobby shop, you may discover wooden, ceramic, and foam pumpkins, gourds, and leaves. If the shop has a holiday section, this will be the best place to look for autumn shapes that you would like to use to create the festive centerpiece. After painting each of the items, you will likely want to anchor everything to a flat surface, so purchase a round dish or serving tray to use as the base of the decoration.

Stop by a paint supply store to purchase matte or satin paint, foam or angled paintbrushes, and acrylic craft spray. Select an all-purpose glue or one that is designed specifically for the crafting material that the fall decorations are made of.

Paint Items And Add A Preservative

Determine how dark each color of paint will appear once it is added to the fall decorations by using scrap paper as a practicing medium. Mix colors together or experiment with blending techniques if you plan on adding highlights and lowlights to the pumpkins, gourds, and leaves.

You can also define specific areas of each decoration by using black or white paint to outline them. After you are pretty confident with the manner in which the paint needs to be applied and blended, use a couple coats of paint to cover the autumn shapes. Apply acrylic spray across each handpainted surface after the paint has dried. This preservative will seal the painted surfaces. Visit a store like Koontz Hardware for more information about paints.

Choose The Layout And Secure The Pieces

Set the painted shapes on top of the dish or platter and shift the items around several times until you have created a decorative ensemble that you prefer. Use a clean, dry paintbrush or foam brush to spread glue across the bottom of each painted decoration. Press the glue-covered sides against the dish or platter's surface.

Apply the glue individually to each shape and then secure a shape before applying glue to subsequent shapes. This will ensure that the handpainted items remain in the spots that you have selected on the dish or platter until you are ready to attach the shapes.

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